Chartwells Higher Education

Compass Group USA

                                                      Spring 2014

Semester Long Projects

Each intern will be responsible for choosing a large scale event, taking place toward the end of the semester that they will be responsible for planning and executing, from start to finish.

Ongoing Projects

Throughout the semester the intern will be responsible for filling any downtime with industry research, guests experience surveys, and documenting their experiences working in the department. Individual goals for the ongoing project will be customized to fit intern’s personal interests, studying major, and business needs.

 Benefits and Opportunities

The catering internship at Chartwells is paid, however, if you are not a student at Texas A&M living on campus, you will have to find and pay for living expenses. If you are not a student at Texas A&M, you will be able to buy a pass to use the Recreation Center on campus at a students rate. While working as an intern, you will have the opportunity to meet a variety of people and make connections throughout the Aggie Network. Special Events are often held for the 12th Man Foundation, the Presidents Office, and the Chancellors Office, along with many other outside organizations. On occasion, President Bush Sr. also makes an appearance at events around the Bush Library and Museum.